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Ring Re-Size Service

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This is the service for re-sizing a ring purchased with Aardvark Jewellery.

If you need your ring adjusted just purchase and send us a message with what you need 🙂

Please allow 1 week for rings to be re-sized.




  1. Michael Roscoe

  2. lyndylou66

    Resizing seems to be well done as it fits perfectly!

  3. Ashley Waddell

  4. Angie

  5. Brian Cronin

    An amazing price and very fast (most places charge more and take longer).

  6. stuarttwine

  7. uhhclem

    It fit perfectly. Worth the extra wait.

  8. janeliu

    Need to have the ring resized again locally. Maybe should have gone that route to begin with to ensure correct fit.

  9. Chey

    The resizing and fit of my ring was perfect. There is no jeweler's trace of work being done on it at all. Beautiful job.

  10. JohnFourYears

    Did what it said on the tin.

  11. Bradley Fry

    Fantastic fit. Thanks a lot!

  12. Adam Collins

    I don't know about resizing prices as I went down a couple of sizes so technically am I loosing gold? I really don't now but seemed like an ok price.

  13. Katy Pugh

  14. Daniel Potts

    Fit perfectly. Easy to purchase the ring sizing.

  15. fugazi81

    This item shipped on time. Re-sizing of the ring was perfect.

  16. henk

    The ring was Perfectly sized,recommend to all.

  17. Claret

    Very handy when you didn't get the measurement quite right….

  18. gburt80485

  19. Andy

    Perfect, what more do you need.

  20. Waren Harfield

  21. Nicholas Waldron

  22. byount09

    Was a perfect fit and she loved it!

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