Congratulations! You have purchased the perfect ring. Here is a straightforward guide on how to keep it perfect!


Keeping your ring clean is important to both its looks and longevity, as a build-up of dirt and chemicals may erode your rings metal over time. Here is what you need to do every 2-4 weeks to keep it nice and shiny:

  1. Fill a mug with boiling water and a little fairy liquid
  2. Get an old toothbrush or buy a cheap new one
  3. Place your ring into the mug and leave for 5 minutes
  4. Take the ring out, and applying a little more fairy liquid onto the toothbrush, scrub vigorously for 30 seconds all over
  5. Swill the ring under a tap of warm water and let air dry


This is important and unfortunately often overlooked. It is crucial to have your ring serviced every 6 months to 1 year (just like a car!). With regular use, your ring can get knocked and snagged, which over time will loosen the settings. This often goes unnoticed, so to ensure your settings stay tight and secure, and your ring stays in its best condition, please get it serviced. As part of the process we do the following:

  1. Professionally clean the ring in an ultrasonic bath and steam cleaner
  2. Check the ring for any damage, if there is we will provide a quote for repair
  3. Check/tighten the settings for security
  4. Re-polish the ring professionally

We charge £30 for servicing, but if preferred, you can take your ring to a local jeweller for the same work.


  1. Hand intensive labor. For example gardening, washing up etc. If you have any job that is hands on, it would be advisable not to wear your ring whilst working.
  2. Food prep. Bits of food can get caught in the rings crevices. Some food products contain chemicals that can react with and erode away metal over time.
  3. Applying makeup/cleaning chemicals/moisturizer. All of these materials can affect both the stones and the metal, causing them to dull and wear away.
  4. Sleeping. Your ring can get caught on the bedside, your hair or become deformed under the pressure of your sleeping position.
  5. Sports/exercise and swimming. Risk of hitting your ring and chemicals are again a factor.

That sums up the care guide, and now it is time to enjoy wearing it for life!