Aardvark Jewellery is a company that specialises in the unique. We feel that something as special as jewellery should not be mass produced from a production line. Each piece is made on an individual basis. We create one-off items, as well as completely bespoke jewellery that is tailored to your exact specifications.

We are located in the heart of the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. We have a wide range of stock both online and in-store, so please feel free to book an appointment to visit.

At our appointments we can show you our current stock and gemstone inventory for inspiration, and discuss your requirements to select the perfect piece, or create something totally unique as a custom order.

Aardvark Jewellery is the trading name for Universal Jewellery Ltd

Customer Testimonials

This is a very beautiful ring and the ring itself looks even better than the picture. The seller is very responsive and patient. After placed the order and the service on the ring was done, the ring was shipped by DHS and arrived in US for only 3 days. All in all, a top service seller and very positive experience.

Diamond Engagement Ring